Humankind has maintained an intimate relationship with medicinal plants for centuries, and the validation of herbal medicine is hundreds of years old. Today, scientifically published literature on herbal medicine comes mostly from medical, pharmaceutical & other professional journals from around the world.

Herbs have been around much longer than drugs and supplements, and they have a richer heritage. A disease healed naturally leaves a person stronger. Not all herbs are created equal which is why we work only with the highest quality supplements – pharmaceutical grade, whole food, and tested with over 600 quality assurance tests to ensure the highest standard of purity and effectiveness.  We ARE committed to Your Health & Well-Being.

  • Energy Medicine Sessions
  • Reiki Sessions
  • Aromatherapy Balance Sessions
  • Zyto BioScan Health Assessment *
  • House, Business, Space Clearing
  • Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Clearing Session
  • Certification Programs in Reiki & Holistic Health Energy Practitioner
*BioScan Assessment:
Using the bioscan hand cradle, this technology eavesdrops on the energetic cellular communication by monitoring the electrical changes in Galvanic Skin Response. The body’s response to over 700 herbs, essential oils, and nutritional supplements is measured. This lets you know how your body prioritizes different nutritional supplements for bringing your health into balance.