Current Classes

We are currently offering several online classes. Please visit our health and safety precautions & online courses announcement page to learn more about how we are still bringing you our top quality classes and courses while during these uncertain times.


  • Energy Medicine Sessions
  • Reiki Sessions
  • Aromatherapy Balance Sessions
  • Zyto BioScan Health Assessment *
  • House, Business, Space Clearing
  • Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Clearing Session
  • Certification Programs in Reiki, Holistic Health Energy Practitioner, & Yoga Teacher Training
*BioScan Assessment:
Using the bioscan hand cradle, this technology eavesdrops on the energetic cellular communication by monitoring the electrical changes in Galvanic Skin Response. The body’s response to over 700 herbs, essential oils, and nutritional supplements is measured. This lets you know how your body prioritizes different nutritional supplements for bringing your health into balance.

Beginner’s Energy Yoga – Basic is meant for beginners and anyone who wants to join. In Basic Flow, you will learn alignment and breathwork of classic postures. Energy Medicine Yoga techniques taught.

All Levels – All Levels is a class that is meant to bridge the gap between the levels and is meant for those who want to work on muscle tone by holding poses for a longer duration, allowing you to deepen poses and your practice. For students of all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Yin Yoga – This type of yoga targets the connective tissues of the body such as joints, bones, and ligaments. The poses, or asanas, in Yin yoga, restore the connective tissues that the more traditional yang asanas cannot reach. The asanas are held for several minutes to allow the pose to penetrate deeper into the tissues. Yin complements the dynamic and more muscular (Yang) practice of yoga.

Restorative – Often referred to as “active relaxation”, the body is sometimes supported with props to relieve the effects of chronic stress and tension. This class is especially beneficial for when you are feeling weak, fatigued or stressed from your daily activities. In addition, a weekly restorative yoga practice will help counterbalance a more strenuous yoga practice and help you achieve an overall sense of calmness and well-being.

Prenatal Yoga – In this class, you’ll physically, mentally, emotionally prepare for childbirth. Learn to adjust to the physical changes to your body and manage discomfort. You’ll gain strength, flexibility, and self-confidence. Please consult your physician or midwife prior to participation.