Yoga is an ANCIENT SCIENCE that integrates the MIND, BODY, & SOUL.  Yoga will TRANSFORM your life so that you can experience balance, peace, energy, and vibrancy!  Classes are:

Foundations: Foundations is meant for beginners and anyone who wants to join. In Foundations, you will learn alignment and breath work of the classic Hatha Yoga postures.  

NEW!  Energy Medicine Yoga techniques and practices will be integrated with the Foundations Class.  Learn how to consciously direct and move your energy through the 9 different energy systems!

Restorative: Restorative is an excellent class for any level of experience, from beginners to advanced. This is a relaxing class with only a few postures supported by props. It is meant to encourage the gentle opening of muscles and tissues for deep relaxation and emotional release. 

Yin YogaThis type of yoga targets the connective tissues of the body such as joints, bones, and ligaments. The poses or asanas in Yin yoga restores the connective tissues that the more traditional yang asanas cannot reach. The asanas are held for several minutes to allow the pose to penetrate deeper into the tissues. Yin complements the dynamic and more 

Yoga Teacher Training:

YOGA HAS BECOME EXTREMELY POPULAR AS A FORM OF EXERCISE… if that’s what you’re looking for, this is NOT for you.

YOGA has been reduced to a form of physical fitness that has removed all the benefits of what authentic Yoga can provide. That’s why we’ve decided to offer you Yoga Teacher Training which teaches you Yoga as an ANCIENT SCIENCE that integrates the MIND, BODY, & SOUL. This training offers Yoga that will TRANSFORM your life so that you can teach others and assist them in their own transformations. 

Begins Sat, Sept 7th, 2019

We are taking 8 students ~ some spots have been filled. We are very selective about who we accept into the training. 

For an interview this week, call (623) 935-0501

  1. We’ll teach you the Ancient Science of Yoga
    You’ll explore your life’s path in a deeper way
  2. We’ll teach you TRUE Yoga
    You’ll experience your own personal transformation
  3. We’ll Train You
    You’ll receive certification as a 300-hr Yoga Teacher & Reiki Level II Practitioner